More About Our Team

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Anne Kraemer / Chief Executive Officer

Anne is an anthropologist and a co-founder of Maya Health Alliance | Wuqu’ Kawoq. She has served as Executive Director/Chief Executive Officer since 2009. Her passion is amplifying the voices of women and girls to foster community-driven, high-impact, culturally and linguistically appropriate programs that promote health and reproductive rights in underserved indigenous Maya communities. Anne trained as a cultural anthropologist at the University of Kansas, where she received her master’s degree and completed doctoral coursework. She received a Fulbright scholarship in 2007.  Anne lives in Guatemala with her daughters. She speaks Kaqchikel and Spanish.


Jill Hodges / Chief Communication and Development Officer

Jill joined in 2020 to lead our communications and development efforts. She has worked as a reporter, producer, analyst, and communications strategist in media, government, non-profit, and higher ed, including several stints in Guatemala. Before joining Maya Health | Wuqu’ Kawoq, she was Communications Director at the Division of Computing, Data Science, and Society at the University of California, Berkeley. She has a master’s in public health from the University of Washington School of Public Health and a master’s in law from Yale Law School. She thrives on connecting people and ideas to advance health equity.


Waleska López Canu / Chief Medical Officer

Waleska is originally from Patzún, Chimaltenango and is proudly Kaqchikel Maya. She received her medical doctorate from the Autonomous University of Mexico and completed her clinical training at the University of San Carlos in Guatemala. Waleska has worked extensively in Mexico and Guatemala for Ministry of Health programs to extend coverage to rural areas. Her previous leadership experience includes managing a large team of healthcare providers serving in dozens of rural communities in the Department of Chimaltenango. She originally worked with Wuqu ‘Kawoq in 2010-11 and returned to our team in 2014.


Peter Rohloff / Chief Science and Innovation Officer

Peter is a co-founder of Wuqu ‘Kawoq | Maya Health Alliance in 2006 and he splits his time between Boston, where he is on the faculty at Harvard Medical School, and Guatemala, where he serves as our Chief Science and Innovation Officer. Peter received his MD / PhD from the University of Illinois and completed residency training in internal medicine and pediatrics at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Boston Children’s Hospital. Peter’s interests lie at the intersection of indigenous language support and global health delivery in Guatemala, and he leads our large team of researchers and clinicians in conducting innovative mixed methods research. He speaks Spanish, Kaqchikel, and K’iche ‘.

Team Leaders


Lily Ajú / Nutrition Program Manager

Lilian manages the thriving Family-Centered Nutrition Program. She started with Wuqu’ Kawoq in 2015 as an interpreter for Kaqchikel-speaking patients. She served as a research assistant and coordinator before becoming a program manager. She takes joy in earning the trust of patients who have lost confidence in the health system.  Lilian is very adventurous and loves to go on excursions with her family. One of her greatest inspirations is her mother, a small business owner in Tecpán.


José Calderón / Monitoring and Evaluation Manager

José is a Sociologist, lover of social sciences, and committed to his country. He is oriented to learning and continuous improvement, and sees personal growth as an extension of professional growth. He has had the opportunity to work in different contexts and adapt to different situations, environments, and people, which has enriched him as an individual. 

He currently works as Monitoring and Evaluation Manager at Wuqu’ Kawoq, an institution with which he shares principles and values, including providing opportunities to rural communities in a dignified and competent manner regardless of language or origin.

Marfa Castillo

Marfa Castillo / Financial Director

Marfa became Director of the Wuqu’ Kawoq Finance Department in August 2023. She is originally from Salamá, Baja Verapaz. Marfa worked for more than 11 years at WINGS/ Alas de Guatemala Association, first as an accounting assistant and then as a general accountant. She is inspired by the opportunity to contribute to improving her country and help those in need through her work. She aspires to use her knowledge to strengthen Wuqu’ Kawoq’s financial department to help the organization realize its mission and vision.

Merida Isabel Coj / Human Resources Manager

Merida studied business administration in college and now manages our complex case program. She helps patients navigate the healthcare bureaucracy to ease the burden of their lives and help them get the medical care they deserve. Outside of work, she is a caring mother and spends time with her son riding a bike, going to soccer games, or watching movies.


David Flood / Staff Physician

David is a physician who helps coordinate our clinical, research, and training initiatives, especially those related to chronic diseases and malnutrition. He received his medical degree from Harvard Medical School, his master’s degree in international health policy from the London School of Economics, and his training in internal medicine and pediatrics from the University of Minnesota. In addition to his role at Wuqu ‘Kawoq, he is a doctor and researcher at the University of Michigan. He speaks Spanish and Kaqchikel.


Magdalena Guarchaj / Child Development Research Program Manager

 Magdalena is one of our Investigations Managers. She also is a nurse practitioner and manages our diabetes lifestyle and community outreach programs. She is K’iche Maya. In 2020, she represented Wuqu’ Kawoq in the El Colectivo committee, which joined forces to bring information on health, education, violence prevention, and Covid-19 prevention to rural communities via radio. She has experience in working with children, families and communities.  


Yoli Juarez / Manager, Health for Life Program

Yoli is Manager of the Health for Life | Salud para la Vida Program. She is a registered nurse and expert in leading community health programs. She initially worked in our Family-Centered Nutrition Program for two years before focusing on women’s health. She has led the expansion of the Salud para la Vida program since 2019, and now oversees a team of 28 spread across the Highlands of Guatemala. Prior to joining Maya Health Alliance, she worked in the Ministry of Health for more than a decade on programs to extend health coverage to rural areas.Yoli’s family is the center of her life. Her daughters inspire her to work hard every day to give them and her patients a bright future. She loves it when her family gets together for a movie or Christmas dinner.


Emily López /  Development and Digital Communication Manager

Emily López is our Development and Digital Communication Manager. Spanish is her first language and she also speaks English. In 2021, she earned her Bachelor of Business Administration from Rafael Landívar University. She hopes to undertake a master’s degree in Digital Marketing. Before joining our team, she worked in the private sector. Emily is interested in communication strategies to improve global health among vulnerable populations. 

She focuses on creating content that helps raise awareness of social problems in Guatemala to improve medical care for rural and indigenous populations by combining technology and the knowledge and skills of the Wuqu’ Kawoq team. Emily is part of  a pioneering group developing  informative materials on the Covid-19 pandemic in Mayan languages. Her research interests include using media campaigns to save lives and  impact the economy, and social media tools to promote female empowerment.


Gabriela Montenegro / Research Fellow in Saqmolo Program

Dr. Gabriela is a Nutritionist and Research Fellow of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. She leads the Early Complementary Feeding of Eggs in Rural Guatemala Project, Saqmolo. She received her nutrition degree from Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala, her master’s degree in Biomedical Sciences-International Public Health from the Vrije University of Amsterdam (Netherlands), and her PhD in Nutrition and Food Sciences from the University of Bonn (Germany).  


Sandy Mux / Clinical Supervisor and Trainer for Women's Health

Sandy is a registered nurse and has worked with Maya Health Alliance in diabetes and women’s health for more than 10 years. She has played a key role in helping to grow these programs while maintaining high clinical quality. She delivers training and certifies all of our nurses before they can provide cancer screenings and family planning methods to patients. She also conducts supervisory visits of nurses working in the field. Sandy learned about Wuqu ‘Kawoq from a nurse who came to her town every week to work with people with diabetes. After hearing about the organization and its philosophy, she decided to apply. Every day, she feels that she can make a difference in society and change people’s lives. Outside of work, Sandy enjoys spending time with her family, especially on her birthday, and going to Laguna Brava in Huehuetenango.


Evan Onusko / Community Clinic Physician

Evan Onusko joined Wuqu’ Kawoq in July 2023. He is originally from the state of Ohio in the United States. Currently he serves as a physician on the General Clinics team. Evan studied medicine and completed his residency at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine. His favorite hobby is running. He is excited to be a part of the Wuqu’ Kawoq team.

Eva Ordoñez Tuiz / Child Development Research Program Manager

Eva is a professional nurse who manages our community efforts in chronic kidney disease and early childhood development.


Irma Yolanda Pilo / Mobile Health Manager

Irma is originally from Sololá, and currently lives in Tecpán. She is an Early Childhood Education Teacher and professional nursing technician. She studied nursing in college and is currently working as a Nutrition Technician and recruiter for the Saqmoló team. She admires the respect, regardless of language and origin, that the team offers in supporting rural communities in rural Guatemala.


Eddy Roquel / Operations Manager

Eddy is an agronomist who worked on our landscaping project. He passes his knowledge on to rural Guatemalan families, helping them find healthy and affordable food options. Eddy loves the outdoors, especially the Boca Costa area and the lush, forested areas of the Altiplano. He is also a loving father and has a close relationship with his son.  Now Eddy is helping us with logistics and operations.


Nelly Analuisa Sequén Gómez / Awards and Partnerships Manager

Nelly is from Chimaltenango, but she lives in the surroundings of La Antigua Guatemala. She is professional in the field of International Relations, degree obtained from the University Galileo de Guatemala; she also has two masters, one in International Law from Universidad San Carlos, and double major in Management of International Cooperation Projects by International Iberoamerican University of Mexico and from The European University of the Atlantic of Spain. Nelly has extensive work experience in the non profit area in Guatemala, experience that she treasures while she continues to work with love and care towards the people Wuqu’ Kawoq serves.

Susana Tambriz / Women's Health Program Manager

Susana’s favorite part of working as a nurse with Maya Health is having the opportunity to empower women to make their own decisions about their bodies. She also likes to see children grow up happy and healthy. Susana’s daughter, whom she calls her “engine,” inspires her to continue to work hard and help patients access excellent health care. One of her favorite days of the year is the Day of the Dead, where families fly kites and gather to remember their loved ones who have passed away.


Carol Teleguario / Diabetes Program Coordinator

Carol is a free spirit who enjoys spending time in the Guatemalan countryside and visiting natural wonders such as Semuc Champey. She is also passionate about social justice issues and holds a degree in Indigenous Rights along with her nursing license. This combination of interests has made Carol a perfect fit for Maya Health Alliance, where she works as an educator in our diabetes program helping local Maya patients manage their illness.

Team Members


Angel Josue Ajin Macario / Pilot Nutrition Program

Originally from Tecpan, automotive mechanic and graphic designer, Pilot Nutrition Program  in the institution of Wuqu Kawoq. Something of great admiration in the institution is the responsibility, the great mutual respect without discrimination by religion or language


Iris Alarcón / Programmer

Iris joined Wuqu’ Kawoq in June 2022. She is originally from Chiquimula. She works with the Computer Science, Monitoring, and Evaluation team as a Programmer. Iris studied Science and Systems Engineering and Industrial Engineering. Her favorite hobbies are watching series, reading books, learning new things, and going outdoors. She feels very lucky to be part of the Wuqu’ Kawoq team. She is inspired and admires the dedicated work of the team of which she is now a part, she hopes to contribute her knowledge and experience for the department development and grow professionally and personally.

Brenda Bal / Junior Programmer

Brenda Bal is originally from Comalapa, Chimaltenango. She is a self-taught individual who is passionate about the field of data science and appreciates the ways in which data can streamline processes and decision-making. She has completed a curriculum in Systems Engineering and is always open to learning new technologies that can enhance her work. Brenda is excited to work at Wuqu’ Kawoq because it is an organization that empowers women and provides them with a platform to build a career using technologies that are in demand in the market.

Jenny Bartolomin / Supervising Nurse

Jenny is a Supervising Nurse in the Salud Para la Vida Program. She has a Bachelor of Nursing and has been part of the Wuqu’ Kawoq team since 2017. She works in Chimaltenango and Quiché. She is married and has an 8-year-old daughter.


Glendy Rosibel Batzibal Calí / Women Health Tecnician

Originally from the community of Panimacoc, she graduated as an accountant with an orientation in computer science and professional midwifery technician. She is very adventurous and loves to practice yoga as well as collecting medicinal plants, she currently holds the position of women’s health technician. What she admires the most about the institution of wuqu’ kawoq is the opportunity for empowerment for rural areas, especially the importance Wuqu´Kawoq gives to the languages and cultures.


Liria Carina Batzibal Calí / Nutrition Technician

Liria is originally from the Panimacoc village of Tecpán. She  graduated as a Bilingual Intercultural Primary Education Teacher, Social Work Technician, with a focus on Sustainable Development. She is a  Nutrition Technician with the Saqmolo´project. She admires the quality care that Wuqu’ Kawoq provides to patients, regardless of their origin or language, and the organization’s commitment to health in rural communities.


Vilma Borón / Nutrition Technician

As one of our team’s nutrition technicians, Vilma helps children in rural Guatemala grow up to be happy and healthy. She enjoys home visits where she gets a chance to connect with families and see the results of her work firsthand. She loves to run and visit the nearby town of Antigua, where she has many fond memories of times with her grandparents.


Doroteo Boron Socop / Driver

Doroteo Boron Socop works as a driver and helps different teams from Wuqu’ reach patients who live far away. He also delivers essential products across the country. His life is focused on the things that make him happy: work, family, church, and sports. In his spare time you can find him playing soccer, taking a long bike ride up a mountain, or spending time with his family.

Damaris Sucely Cabrera Cristal / Diabetes Educator

Damaris, originally from Tecpán, Chimaltenango, is a student of Business Administration. She has worked at Wuqu’ Kawoq since 2016 in the research programs: Mobile Health, Stars, World Diabetes, and Health Chronicle. It has been an enormous blessing for her to be part of the Wuqu’ Kawoq family because of the opportunities to support our indigenous communities by promoting development, empowering women and preserving our mother tongues. She’s inspired by touching the hearts of patients through the education and clinical care they receive.


Meylin Yahayra Canú Xinico / Programming Analyst

Meylin is from Chimaltenango. She is an expert accountant with  a focus on computers. She is studying Information Systems Engineering and Computer Science. She held the position of Programmer Analyst for the development of advanced applications for the Android platform. She currently has the Java programmer certification (SDK -J2EE), Mobile APP Development certification, Front End Web Developer certification, and Introduction to Azure certification. She is passionate about learning new technologies to continue earning certifications and diplomas. She admires the work, effort, and dedication that Wuqu’ Kawoq devotes to each person.


Elida Charuc / Field Nurse

Elida is of Kaqchikel origin, and lives in the municipality of San Pedro Yepocapa in the department of Chimaltenango. She joined Wuqu Kawoq in May 2017 and is a field nurse in the Chimaltenango area.

She enjoys spending time with her family. She feels very blessed and grateful to God for the opportunity to be part of the great Wuqu’ Kawoq family. Her motivation is to continue helping many women in need and giving her children the education that she could not access due to lack of financial resources.


Blanca Chiroy / Nutrition Technician

Blanca is a Nurse and Nutrition Technician who works with our nutrition programs and complex cases. She is passionate about women’s health and very much enjoys visiting the families she works with in their homes. Blanca is also very close to her family and takes frequent trips with them to the countryside or the coast. She is also a competitive athlete who dreams of being a soccer champion!


Isabel Chiroy / Nurse with Friendship Bridge Partnership Program

Isabel is a nurse with our Women’s Health program in partnership with Friendship Bridge. She is a compassionate professional who enjoys connecting with her patients and seeing the look in their eyes after receiving excellent service. Isabel loves to sing and dance. She also has ambitious travel goals, hoping one day to make it to the US or Israel.


Mayda Veronica Chitic Morales / Field Nurse

Mayda Verónica Chitic Morales joined Wuqu’ Kawoq in 2022 as a field nurse for the Health for Life program. She is from Caserío Cucabaj and Caja de Agua. Colonia el Campo, Chiché, El Quiché.

She studied as a Nursing Technician in Sololá. Her favorite hobbies are listening to music, playing soccer, and being with her family. She feels happy and proud to be part of the team and practice her profession as a nurse.


Brenda Vicenta Chavajay Méndez / Nursing Technician

Brenda is from San Pedro La Laguna, Sololá, where they speak the Tzutujil language. She is currently studying at university. In her third year as a Nursing Technician, she is working at Wuqu’ Kawoq in the Health for Life program, doing health promotion, working at mobile clinics, providing family planning follow-up visits, and communicating to patients about the importance of chronic disease prevention.


Aroldo Chocojay / Warehouse Manager

Aroldo is our Warehouse Manager. He speaks Kaqchiquel as his mother tongue and Spanish as a second language. He graduated from GALILEO University as a middle school teacher in mathematics and physics and worked in public schools teaching elementary school children before joining the team. Aroldo is very excited to be part of an organization that focuses on helping people who have been marginalized because he likes to be part of development in Guatemala.


Cecia Chonay / Care Navigator

Cecia is a health navigator with our Stars program, helping rural Guatemalans work through the complexities of the local healthcare system. She is always driven to perform her best, whether at work  or in her studies, which continue in her spare time. Cecia is also very close with her family and loves to catch up with them on the weekend.


Marleny Chonay / General Secretary

Dina is our general secretary and helps in many ways with all of our programs. She enjoys everything about her job, especially her daily interactions with the other members of our team. Dina is also a committed mother and her son inspires her to work hard every day. When she has time, Dina likes to visit the beach in Monterrico with her family.


Karyn Choy / Research Assistant

 Karyn earned her business degree in the US and now works as a nutrition manager in our women’s health and complex case programs. Her ambition and her hard work are motivated by her son, Santiago, who gives his mother the confidence she needs to change the world. In her spare time, Karyn likes watching movies and enjoying the outdoors with friends.


Melvin Colorado / Driver

Melvin joined Wuqu’ Kawoq in 2021 and is a Driver for the Operations team. He is from Tecpán. Melvin attended elementary and middle school at Bethesda College and high school at CETACH2. He likes biking in the mountains. He is happy to be part of the Wuqu’ Kawoq team.

Mardoqueo Colorado Matzer / Driver

Mardoqueo was born in Tecpán. He studied waiter courses at INTECAP and worked as a waiter at Katok y Paulinos Restaurant. He joined Wuqu’ Kawoq in 2019 as a driver and is very happy to be part of the team.


Tomasa Yamima Conoz Ajanel / Field Nurse

Tomasa joined Wuqu’ Kawoq in February 2023. She is originally from the Chicua Segundo Cantón, Chichicastenango, Quiché. She is currently a Field Nurse with the Health for Life team.

Tomasa studied Professional Nursing at Panamerican University. She likes caring for people in both community and hospital settings and loves to help patients recover. Her main professional goals are to treat those who are ill and promote preventive health. Her favorite hobby is watching series online. She feels lucky to be part of the Wuqu’ Kawoq team.


Luisa Cuc Ixjotop / Health Educator

Luisa “Wicha” was a co-founder of Wuqu’ Kawoq in 2007 and has continued to work with the organization since then. She hails from Santiago, Sacatepequez. Wicha speaks Kaqchikel and recruited the initial four patients to be treated at her home. She subsequently learned how to draw blood and measure sugar and glucose levels in the patients. Currently, she is part of the Diabetes team, conducting home visits for patients. Her favorite pastime is agriculture, and she enjoys spending quality time with her mother, Feliciana, and her three siblings, relishing in a good Pulique (Guatemalan stew consisting of beef, garlic, tomatoes, onions, guaque chile peppers, and chicken ).

Alicia Cuc / Nurse with Friendship Bridge Partnership Program

Alicia is a nurse with our health program in partnership with Friendship Bridge. Every day, she visits patients in their homes, making personal connections and bringing excellent care. Alicia is very compassionate and always driven to help as many people as possible. One of her favorite places in Guatemala is the mountainous lakeshore of Lake Atitlán.


Claudia Cumes Bal / Navigator

Claudia is originally from one of the communities of Tecpán, Paxorotot. She learned about Wuqu’ Kawoq in 2017, when she experienced complications in her first pregnancy. A Navigator from our Mobile Health Program helped her overcome her fears and access the hospital services she needed. Inspired by that experience, she joined Wuqu’ Kawoq in 2018 as a Navigator for Obstetric Care to help other mothers feel safer and more confident seeking and receiving care in hospitals, where they may face difficulties such as language, machismo, and unfamiliarity with the system. She is proud and happy to be a Navigator of obstetric sare. She is married with two children.


Jacqueline Díaz / Volunteer Coordinator

Jackie joined Wuqu’ Kawoq in July 2023. She is from the state of Colorado in the United States. She currently works with the University of Cincinnati team as volunteer liaison. Jackie earned her bachelor’s degree in anthropology from Case Western Reserve University and is currently in her third year of medical school at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine. Her favorite hobby is being in nature and exploring the natural surroundings in Guatemala. She is excited to be a part of the Wuqu’ Kawoq team.

Rubí Gaitán Barillas / Executive Assistant

Rubí was born in Antigua Guatemala and joined the Wuqu’ Kawoq team in August 2023. Rubí has studied psychology and has worked in mental health and education in non-governmental organizations and private institutions focused on breaking the cycle of poverty through education. Her goals include contributing her knowledge to help reach more people, strengthening health programs, continuing efforts in vulnerable communities, and promoting mental stability as part of comprehensive health. Her favorite hobbies are hiking in nature and running.


Alejandrina Garcia / Nurse, Friendship Bridge Partnership Program

Alejandrina’s greatest inspiration is her mother, whom she admires for her strong sense of perseverance. She tries to follow this example as a nurse working with women and families through our partners at Friendship Bridge. Alejandrina is also a music enthusiast and loves the piano in particular.


Yendis González / Field Nurse

Yendis was born in Colonia Santa Adelaida, Santa Bárbara, Suchitepéquez. Currently she is finishing her studies as a professional nurse. She has worked as a field nurse at Ingenio Pantaleón during sugarcane harvesting seasons. Achieving her personal and academic goals inspires her, and she aims to build her career within Wuqu’ Kawoq.

Sara Hernández / Child Development Research Assistant

Since she was little, Sara wanted to work with young children, so she always wanted to be a teacher. Her motivation for a career in education led her to study a Bachelor’s degree in Psychopedagogy at the Universidad del Istmo. At the same university she also obtained a Professorship in Special Education, a Professorship in Primary Mathematics and a Bachelor’s degree in General Psychology. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in 2017, she landed a job researching the effects of Zika on children’s neurodevelopment at the University of Colorado. The investigation led her to work and live in a village in southwestern Guatemala. Here, she had the opportunity to learn about the reality of childhood in the country, including malnutrition and its effects on a child’s development. Since then, child development has been her greatest interest. She has worked in a variety of positions focused on children and adolescents in vulnerability.  In addition, she started a learning center for parents, where she provided workshops on Child Development and Timely Stimulation. She is currently in a Master’s program studying Child and Adolescent Development Management at Rafael Landívar University. She is excited to be part of the Wuqu’ Kawoq team, due to the diverse and culturally appropriate work they do for the health and development of children, as well as their mothers. 


Evelyn Abigail Hernandez / Field Nurse

Evelyn joined Wuqu’ Kawoq in February 2023 as a Field Nurse for the Health for Life program. She is from Chicacao, Suchitepéquez. Evelyn studied at the University of the West of Mazatenango, Suchitepequez. She likes to spend time with her daughter and go for walks. She feels motivated by being part of the Wuqu’ Kawoq team.

Sucely Hernández / Field Nurse

Sucely joined Wuqu’ Kawoq in July 2022 as a Field Nurse on the Health for Life team. She’s originally from El Asintal, Retalhuleu. She is studying for a bachelor of Nursing degree. She likes reading and sharing time with the people she loves. She’s very happy and grateful to be part of the Wuqu’ Kawoq team.

Mariela Ixcayá / Field Nurse

Mariela Ixcayá joined Wuqu’ Kawoq in July 2022 as a Field Nurse for the Health for Life team. She is from San Pablo la Laguna, Sololá.

Mariela Ixcayá has studied to be a Technician in Professional Nursing at Da Vinci University. She likes going out to discover the natural resources of our country and listening to music. She feels happy to be part of the Wuqu’ Kawoq team.


Mérida Anavely Jiatz Sincal / Cleaning

Anavely “Ana” Jiatz helps with office cleaning. She is from Tecpán Guatemala. She started at Wuqu’ Kawoq before the pandemic and never imagined that she would be working in an organization like this. She believes that the work that Wuqu’ Kawoq does is very important and essential to many people, and she is grateful to be a part of it. Outside of work, you can find her sewing beautiful blouses or creating colorful huipiles.

Duglas López / Programming Analyst

Duglas, originally from the department of Chimaltenango, lives in Caliaj, a village in Tecpán. He is an accounting expert and a high school teacher in computer science. He has completed his studies in Information Systems Engineering and Computer Science. He currently works on the Mobile Applications project as a Programmer Analyst at Wuqu ‘Kawoq. He likes to learn about new technologies that help provide solutions to people’s needs through the implementation of computer systems and applications.


María Adelaida López Pérez / Nurse

María Adelaida López Pérez was born in the village of El Rincón and studied nursing at the FUNDAP School. Her goal is to work and learn more. She is happy that Wuqu’ Kawoq is for and within indigenous communities in their same language and culture, since that gives confidence to the people who need the services. She wants to help her family, which includes eight people.

Libni Margarita Meletz Cumátz / Field nurse

Libni joined Wuqu’ Kawoq in July 2022 as a Field Nurse for the Health for Life program. She is from San Lucas Tolimán, Sololá.

Libni studied for a Nursing Technician career at Panamerican University. Her hobbies include spending time with her family, reading, riding a motorcycle, and playing soccer. She feels happy and lucky to be part of the Wuqu’ Kawoq team.


Aura Aida Ortiz / Field Nurse

Aura joined Wuqu’ Kawoq in February 2023 as Field Nurse for Health for Life. She is from Samayac Suchitepéquez.

Aura studied at the Samayac Adult School, Ineb Institute, then at the Western University, UDEO, with a degree in nursing. Her favorite pastimes are being with her son, going to church, and playing soccer. She feels very grateful to the organization for giving her the opportunity to take part in the health of patients.


Sonia Palacios / Supervising Nurse

Sonia joined Wuqu’ Kawoq in June 2022 as a Field Nurse for the Health for Life Team. She is from Coatepeque, Quetzaltenango. She is pursuing her thesis to obtain her Master’s degree in Health Services Management. She enjoys listening to music, reading, watching investigative documentaries, and spending time with family. She is delighted to be part of the Wuqu’ Kawoq team.

Helena Patal / Medical Management and Human Resources Assistant

Helena is an indigenous Kaqchikel woman from Patzún. She joined Wuqu’ Kawoq in June 2023. Currently, she supports the Administration team as Assistant to the Medical Director and Human Resources. Helena has studied Bilingual Intercultural Kaqchikel-Spanish Early Childhood Education and is currently a social work student at the Regional University of Guatemala. In the future, she hopes to help implement projects and programs that support Maya Kaqchikel Guatemalans. Her favorite hobbies are listening to music and reading. She feels very joyful to be part of the Wuqu’ Kawoq team.

Edlyn Maria Alexandra Ramos Alvarado/ Medical Researcher

Edlyn, originally from Guatemala City, joined Wuqu’ Kawoq in August 2023. She currently works as a medical researcher on a project focused on detecting hypertension, preeclampsia, and intrauterine growth restriction to prevent infant deaths and complications at birth. She holds degrees in Nutrition and Medicine from Rafael Landívar University, and a Master’s in Medical Sciences specializing in Gynecology and Obstetrics from the University of San Carlos of Guatemala. She has taught at the university level and worked as a resident and specialist in obstetrics and gynecology at hospitals affiliated with the Guatemalan Social Security Institute. Passionate about public health, education, and research, she enjoys traveling and experiencing different cultures. She regards women as crucial pillars in society, deserving quality healthcare without social or cultural inequalities. She is grateful to be a part of Wuqu’ Kawoq and for the opportunity to help Guatemalan women grow as individuals and professionals.

Dominga Ramos Ciprián / Field Nurse, Health for Life Program

Originally from Barrio Central in the municipality of Joyabaj in the department of Quiché. Profession is Secretary and Clerk and Professional Nurse, currently working as a Field Nurse in the Health for Life program in the institution Wuqu Kawoq. Her goal is to continue to be part of the team to support our indigenous community, something she admires is the priority given to patients in rural areas, as they are provided health services in their native language, see the satisfaction of patients and understand and appreciate the services provided to them.


Yolanda Raquec / Nurse

Yoli is a nurse with our Women’s Health and Nutrition programs. She travels every day to small rural communities, bringing expert care and guidance to her patients. Her six-year-old son and family motivate Yoli to follow her passion and set new goals for herself every day. When she does have time to relax, Yoli enjoys listening to music and watching action movies.


Irma Robles / Nutrition Technician

Irma works in the Bocacosta region. Her work includes a mix of visiting patients in their homes and at our clinics. Her favorite part of her job is being able to spend time with kids and talk with moms about nutrition. Originally from the Bocacosta, she studied to become an elementary school teacher at the Insitiuto Profesional de Educación. In her free time, she loves to listen to Christian music. She speaks Spanish and K’iche.


Hans Roche / Chemist Biologist

Hans joined Wuqu’ Kawoq in July 2022 to lead the Wuqu’ Kawoq microbiology lab in Santiago Sacatepéquez. He is from Guatemala City.

He studied Biological Chemistry at the University of San Carlos de Guatemala (USAC). He works as a Microbiology assistant at the Faculty of Chemical Sciences and Pharmacy USAC, as well as a Quality Supervisor at Alimentos Maravilla, an Analyst in the Virology Area at the National Health Laboratory, and a Consultant at the MSPAS-HIV Grant Logistics Management Unit.

He is inspired to help people in need. He is grateful to be a part of the Wuqu’ Kawoq team, and to put his knowledge and effort into practice and work to achieve the vision of this organization. He speaks Spanish and English. He is interested in learning science and technology to help people and the environment.


Wendy Rodríguez / Affiliated Physician

Wendy joined Wuqu’ Kawoq in April 2023. She is originally from Guatemala City. She is an affiliated physician with the Aflatoxin Project team. Wendy studied at the University of San Carlos de Guatemala, specializing in Pediatrics and in Neurodevelopment and Research. She has studied Diabetes Mellitus at the University of Mariano Gálvez and Occupational Medicine at the University of the Isthmus. Her favorite pastimes are reading and going for walks. She feels happy and looks forward to learning, training, and sharing knowledge by being part of the Wuqu’ Kawoq team.

Karen Romero / Nutrition Technician

Karen is originally from the municipality of San Juan Ostuncalco. She lives in the village of San Juan Ostuncalco, where many men work as potato and milpa farmers, exporting their products to El Salvador, and women are weavers. She is a pre-primary education teacher and enjoys working with children. At Wuqu’ Kawoq she has appreciated learning about malnutrition and nutrition and how to help mothers whose children are experiencing malnutrition. She works in Aldea Nueva Concepción as a Nutrition Technician. She is motivated by supporting the physical and mental development of children through healthy nutrition. 


Blanca Romero / Nutrition Technician

 Blanca ives in San Juan Ostuncalco. She is a teacher of Intercultural Bilingual Early Childhood Education. She is working as a Nutrition Technician in the Nutrition Program with children between six months and two years of age. She loves children, and likes to embroider and make crafts.


Ashley Rocío Salazar Juárez / Nurse

Ashley was born and raised in Santa Cruz Balanyá Chimaltenango, where she currently lives.  She is a primary education teacher and a university technician in Nursing. She previously worked as a teacher training of nursing assistants. She currently works for the Wuqu’ Kawoq Health for Life program as a field nurse. She is grateful for the opportunity to work in the communities and to provide services to help patients improve their health. She is committed to continue learning and strengthening her knowledge  to provide patients with quality care. She enjoys spending time with her family and with patients and walking outdoors.


Olga Marina Saloj Chiyal / Nutrition Technician

Olga grew up in the central Chaquijyá village of Sololá. She is currently working as a Nutrition Technician in our Saqmolo project in Tecpán, Chimaltenango.


Yesenia Serech Ajquijay / Patient Care Coordinator

Yesenia joined Wuqu’ Kawoq in February 2023. She is originally from San Andrés Semetabaj, Sololá. She is currently a Patient Care Coordinator with the Complex Cases team. She has a Master’s Degree in Nursing. She enjoys walking and watching sunsets. She’s happy to be part of the Wuqu’ Kawoq team!

Dorcas Sicaján / Salud Para la Vida Management and Logistics Assistant

Dorcas Sicajan is an indigenous Kaqchikel woman from Patzún. She speaks Kaqchikel, Spanish, and English and graduated as a Bilingual Secretary. She joined Wuqu’ Kawoq in May 2023. She feels incredibly inspired and honored to be part of a team of people who are doing their best to improve health in indigenous communities. She sees her work as an opportunity not only for personal growth but also for professional development. She enjoys learning new things and watching TV series, and currently she is learning to play the piano.

Rosa Olivia Sirín / Nutrition Technician

Rosa is originally from Chuacruz San José Poaquil Caserío. She graduated with training as a teacher and social worker. In 2021, she joined the Wuqu’ Kawoq team as a Nutrition Technician in the Saqmolo’ project.


Rosibely Sut / Mobile Health Coordinator

Rosibely was born in the village of Chuatzunuj, Tecpan. She graduated school as an accountant, but she looked for a way to contribute more to her community. Rosibely joined our team as one of our first Care Navigators (Chajinel en Kaqchikel) in our Maternal Mobile Health Program. She understands deeply the situation rural indigenous women confront in Guatemala and she puts her heart and soul into her work, including reporting maternal abuse in the hospital as a navigator. She was promoted to assistant in the program where she learned how to work closely with the midwives, training them on continued use of the cell phone application, high risk signs during pregnancy, and how to implement and use the addition of the neonatal application to identify infants in danger in the first days of life. She was promoted to Coordinator of the program, where she serves today. She speaks Kaqchikel Maya and Spanish.


Alison Florentina Suy Tulul / Field Nurse

Alison joined Wuqu’ Kawoq in 2023 as a Field Nurse for the Health for Life program. She’s originally from Caserío Chuicozá, Aldea Guinelaes, Santa Catarina Ixtahuacán, Sololá.

Alison is studying for a Nursing Technician career at the Universidad de Occidente headquarters In Retalhuleu. She enjoys listening to music and watching videos with her son. She feels lucky to be part of the Wuqu’ Kawoq team.


Julia Tambriz Tzoc / Field Nurse

Julia has been with Wuqu’ Kawoq since 2022 as a Field Nurse for the Health for Life team. She’s from Aldea Xejuyup, Nahualá, Sololá.

Julia studied as a Nursing Technician with a Primary Care orientation at the Rafael Landívar University, Quetzaltenango campus. Her favorite hobbies are sleeping and singing. She feels grateful and happy to be part of the Wuqu’ Kawoq team.


Johana Raquec Teleguario/ Research Assistant Gardens Program

Johana was born in Patzún, Chimaltenango. She graduated as an accountant with a computer orientation. She speaks the Kaqchikel language and Spanish. She started working at Wuqu’ Kawoq on the research staff  and has worked on the gardens program. She also works as a nutrition technician. 


Neldrick Tichoc / Warehouse Assistant

Neldrick, a resident of Santa Cruz Balanya in the department of Chimaltenango, graduated as an expert accountant with a specialty in commercial computing. He is currently pursuing a degree in public accounting and auditing. His has worked as a purchase manager for  the municipality of Santa Cruz Balanya, and as an accounting teacher for Runawal Balamya. He is active in his church. At Wuqu’ Kawoq, he is a warehouse assistant. He appreciates the environment and the opportunities that are given to each person to be part of Wuqu’ Kawoq without discrimination.


Scott Tschida / Research Assistant

Scott joined Wuqu’ Kawoq in 2020 as a researcher and works on diabetes and early childhood development projects. He received his B.S. in Human Physiology from the University of Oregon and his MPhil in International Community Health from the University of Oslo. Scott’s interests include using implementation science frameworks and mixed-methods to understand how contextual factors impact an intervention’s success.


Reyna Tumax / Nurse

Reyna is a Nurse with our Women’s Health Program. She is from Santo Tomás La Unión, Suchitepéquez and she speaks Ki’che’. One of the things that inspired her to become a nurse is her father, who is a dedicated Community Health Worker. Learn more about Reyna in this video


Jeany Tzoc / Nurse, Friendship Bridge Partnership Program

Jeany is a nurse working in our program with Friendship Bridge in the department of Quiché. She loves the area where she works for its rich traditions and kind people. When Jeany isn’t out in the field, she likes to be at home with her baby boy, who inspires her to continue working to provide basic necessities for other families.


Luisa Florinda Tzunux Joj / Field nurse

Luisa es miembro de la organización Wuqu’ Kawoq desde el 19 de septiembre de 2022 originaria de Santa María Chiquimula del departamento de Totonicapán colabora actualmente en el equipo de Salud Para La Vida en el puesto de Enfermera de campo.

Luisa ha estudiado en la Universidad Rafael Landívar en el Campus de Quetzaltenango, en el mes de abril 2022 terminó sus estudios en el Técnico en Enfermería con Orientación en Atención Primaria. Su pasatiempo favorito es Jugar Futbol y salir a correr por las mañanas ella se siente Feliz al formar parte del equipo de Wuqu’ Kawoq.


Lesvia Vasquez / Nurse, Friendship Bridge Partnership Program

Family is at the center of Lesvia’s life. She loves when they come together through food, cooking, and enjoying traditional dishes from Tecpán. She also has a close relationship with her brother, whose positive attitude is something she admires and brings with her to her work in the field. Lesvia is a nurse with our program in association with Friendship Bridge. In her day-to-day work, she enjoys going out into the fresh air of rural Guatemala, and helping women overcome obstacles to care.


Irma Yolanda Velasquez Matias / Navigator

Irma is a Navigator. She likes to be part of the Wuqu’ Kawoq team because it is an opportunity to help rural communities in her country. She likes to listen to Christian music, and her favorite food is pepián and stew. She is married and enjoys spending her free time with her two sons and two daughters. 


Floridalma Betzaida Vicente Poz / Supervisor Health for Life

Floridalma joined Wuqu’ Kawoq in 2022 and is a Health for Life team Supervisor at the Santo Tomás la Unión agency. She is from Santo Tomás Suchitepéquez.

She is currently completing her nursing degree. She enjoys playing soccer. She feels very satisfied to be part of the Wuqu’ Kawoq team.


Cindy Villalobos / BioChemist in Wuqu’ Laboratory

Cindy is originally from Cobán, Alta Verapaz, where she grew up and lived until she was 18 years old. She studied Biological Chemistry at the Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala and later earned a Master’s in Public Health with an emphasis in Epidemiology from Universidad Rafael Landivar. She also has a diploma in Microbiology and Bioinformatics. She worked in the Vector-Transmitted Diseases Program with the Guatemala Ministry of Health for three years and the National Health Laboratory for a year and a half. Her family inspires her, and she aims to become better every day for them. Her goals at Wuqu´ Kawoq are to support and learn from different projects, both in research and the laboratory. She strives to carry out her work with excellence and quality to be able to help others.

Brenda Yolanda Xico Ajsivinac / Health for Life Nurse

Originally from the municipality of Patzicía, Brenda currently lives in La Aldea el Caman. She is a Certified Public Accountant and Nursing Technician and is currently studying for a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing. She works as a Field Nurse for the Salud Para la Vida team. She admires the dignified treatment given to each of the patients that we serve in their mother tongue. She also appreciates the quality and warmth of the services provided in rural communities that otherwise cannot count on timely healthcare.


Estela Xoquic / Nutrition Technician

Estela was born in Sololá. She trained as a primary education teacher and graduated from the Private Normal School, Sololá. She also completed a Diploma in Nutrition. She was excited to put her knowledge into practice when she joined Wuqu´ Kawoq in 2018 as a Nutrition Technician. She currently works in Chuti-Estancia, Canoas Bajas, and Godínez, villages in the municipality of San Andrés Semetabaj, Sololá. Blanca’s daily work includes visiting the families of children enrolled in the Nutrition Program to learn about their diets, monitor their weight and height, and provide individualized counseling and nutrition supplementation. All of this is to improve the growth, quality of life, and development of each child, and minimize the chronic malnutrition that affects San Andrés Semetabaj, as well as all of Guatemala.


Silvia Xoquic / Nurse, Friendship Bridge Partnership Program

Silvia is a nurse with our women’s health program in partnership with Friendship Bridge. She is a loving mother and is inspired every day by her baby to help other women live healthy lives. In particular, she strives to overcome the language barriers that prevent many Guatemalans from receiving quality care. In addition to work, Silvia is also passionate about soccer and plays regularly in her free time.


Sandra Teresa Xulá / Field Nurse

Sandra joined Wuqu’ Kawoq in 2022 as a field nurse for the Health for Life program. She is from Mazatenango, Suchitepéquez. She studied science with a focus in medicine in high school and received a technical degree of Nursing Assistant in Mazatenango. She enjoys watching romantic series. She feels happy to be part of Wuqu’ Kawoq.

Carlos Román Yax Muy / Concierge

Carlos Yax Muy provides cleaning and security services at Wuqu’ Kawoq’s Boca Costa location. He joined the organization in 2021. His previous jobs have included security work. He feels happy watching over Wuqu’ Kawoq and keeping it clean.

Sandra Elizabet Yool / Accounting Assistant

Sandra is a Maya Kaqchikel woman from San Juan Comalapa, Chimaltenango. She joined the Wuqu’ Kawoq team in August 2023. She currently works in the financial department as an Accounting Assistant. Sandra is studying for a Bachelor’s degree in Public Accounting and Auditing. She has worked for both public and private organizations dedicated to the pursuit of the common welfare. She aspires to help provide care to those in need, much like Wuqu’ Kawoq does in various parts of the country.