Midwife Maria Luisa at the Community of Paxorotot

Created by potrace 1.10, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2011

Maria Luisa’s life took an unexpected turn when she fell gravely ill at the age of 22. Though the doctor assured her that everything was fine, Maria couldn’t shake off a lingering unease. Little did she know that her illness would serve as a catalyst for a remarkable journey.

Night after night, Maria found herself immersed in vivid dreams. In these dreams, people bestowed upon her tiny golden cups as gifts, symbols of something precious yet unknown. Curiosity consumed her and she yearned to decipher the meaning behind these enigmatic visions.

One particular dream stood out vividly in Maria’s memory. She found herself in the midst of her community, her eyes drawn to the bellies of four individuals. Amazingly, she could see the positions of the babies within, as if gifted with a divine insight into their unborn lives. She felt the dreams were unveiling a hidden talent; a profound connection with the miracle of birth.

And then came the dream that changed everything. Maria found herself surrounded by flowers, their colors and fragrances filling the air. A mysterious figure approached and gently offered the flowers, whispering, “Here, take them.” Confusion momentarily clouded her thoughts, but something within her urged her to accept the gift. As Maria extended her hands, an extraordinary transformation took place. The flowers metamorphosed into tiny, delicate babies, each one emanating awe-inspiring beauty.

As Maria awoke from this surreal dream, a profound realization settled within her soul. The dreams were not mere figments of her imagination; they were a calling, a sacred invitation to embrace the path of a midwife. This revelation echoed a familiar resonance, as Maria remembered her mother-in-law, a revered midwife, and the wisdom she carried within her.

Filled with a newfound sense of purpose, Maria embarked on a transformative journey of self-discovery and learning. She sought guidance from her mother-in-law, who joyously embraced her, recognizing the signs of destiny that had manifested in her dreams. With love, knowledge, and ancient traditions as her guides, Maria immersed herself in the art of midwifery, honing her skills and nurturing her intuitive connection to the miracle of birth.


Drawing by: 
Sophie Desmoulins, Summer Volunteer